Carved Collection

You shouldn't underestimate the importance of choosing a memorial for you loved one. Here at White Rose we enable families to view samples of unique memorials on display and in our catalogues.

We offer an extensive range of designs in different granite, stones displayed on this site are a mere selection of our large range of stunning memorials.

Carved TEC09

Carved TEC10

Carved TEC11

Carved TEC12

Carved TEC13

Carved TEC14

Carved TEC15

Carved TEC16

Carved TEC17

Carved TEC18

Carved TEC19

Carved TEC20

Carved TEC21

Carved TEC22

Carved TEC23

Carved TEC24

Carved TEC25

Carved TEC26

Carved TEC27

Carved TEC28

Carved TEC29

Carved TEC30

Carved TEC31

Carved TEC32

Carved TEC33

Carved TEC34

Carved TEC35

Carved TEC36

Carved TEC37

Carved TEC38

We have a continuous offer on our plain black ogee headstones for just £800 incl VAT, 40 letters of inscription and fixing charges.