Fair Funerals & Traditional Funerals...

Our Fair Funeral Pledge

Buying a funeral can be expensive and confusing. It's difficult to get clear, comparable information about what things cost. And there are huge differences in what funeral directors charge. Without knowing what our options are, we can end up buying funerals we can’t afford and getting into debt. therefore we pledge to:

  • help families to arrange a funeral that are within their means.
  • To be open about most affordable options, including third party costs.

Simple Funeral

This option is ideal for anyone that wants to meet us at the crematorium or cemetery on the day of the funeral. Seeing your loved one in the chapel of rest is also included in this option, we usually allocate the day before the funeral for anyone wishing to use this service.

When looking at the cost of a funeral it is usually broken down into two sections. The first section is the funeral directors fee's. The second section is the third party fee's often called disbursements.

Our Fee's


Estimated Third Party Fee's (Disbursements)

  • Crematorium (Average Price) Included.
  • Doctors Included.
  • Minister to take the service Included.


To find out more about simple funeral and traditional funeral packages please contact us direct on
029 2000 2818
Alternativley you can send us an email
or visit us in our office.

Customized Funeral

'Arrange a funeral that is unique to you'
'Saying goodbye in style'

We know that you’d like to celebrate the life of your loved one in style; therefore we have created an array of customised themes to reflect your loved one’s interests. We specialise in themed funerals, where we work with the family to celebrate the life of their most beloved. We make it easier for the family to say their last goodbye in a way that is completely unique to them.

Examples of new introduced services:

  • Alternative to a hearse to make your transportation more personalised, as shown above.
  • Cardboard coffins, where close family and friends could hand-write their thoughts and messages to take to their loved one’s final resting place.
  • Funeral to take place at home, garden, or place of work.
  • Attendees wearing a unique item of significance to the loved one, such as a football scarf, star wars characters, super heroes, etc.
  • Wake on the seaside or on a boat at sea.
  • Cake at the wake.
  • Themed coffins, such as super heroes, flags, or football clubs.