Mental Health

'Mental Health'

White Rose Funerals prides itself with the great after care service we are able to provide our families. Most of our team members are trained in suicide intervention and we work closely with Bereavement and mental health organisations.

We often hold charity events and annual conferences to support individuals who are suffering in silence. We share stories, discuss issues that tackle us as a community and help raise funds for local bereavement and mental health charities.

We are very proud to share with you that we have saved many individuals lives by intervening at the right time. We always aim to build bridges and relationships with our families and /or individuals who are suffering in an effort to inspire hope.

White Rose and the Senior Coroners work relationship

White Rose family with the senior coroners at the farewell of Judge Barkley and welcoming the new Senior Coroner Judge Greame Hughes. We were the only funeral Directors invited.


Following the devastating recent murder cases that took place locally and around the country, we helped the campaign for a faster investigative service for the victims and their families. The outcome was that in 2019 the chief coroner issued new guidelines regarding the time frame for a request for a second post-mortem by the defence. Upon our last meeting with our local senior coroner Graeme Hughes we were able to shorten the waiting time for a burial/cremation order to be issued from 6 weeks to 14 days.


We sponsor suicide intervention course if anyone is interested.

We are hate crime champions if anyone needs help.

Wales Bereavement & Mental wellbeing Conference 2018

In 2018 we held our second annual conference, The Wales Bereavement & Mental wellbeing conference. It was the first & the biggest of its kind to be arranged.

We had over 300 guests from all walks of life, including our guests of honour Chief Coroner of the UK Judge Mark Lucraft, Senior coroner of inner west london Chief Coroner of the UK Judge Mark Lucraft, Stephen Doughty MP for Cardiff south, Neil McEvoy AM for Cardiff central, Mark Isherwood AM of north wales (chairman of cross party group of funerals & Bereavement), the chaplaincy managers of prisons in south wales Nick Sandford and Dawn.

The conference discussed many topics which everyone found very interesting and educating. Topics included; lack of bereavement services especially for young widows/widowers, suicide intervention and young prison leavers’ mental health concerns. The result was a great education opportunity which helped attendees’ network and build bridges among them.

Dr Fiona Wilcox spoke about the heart breaking tragedy of the Grenfell Tower fires. We were all moved by her touching tributes to those who lost their lives and many were reduced to tears hearing her recount the awful event of that tragic day.

We were joined by other attendees; chief police inspector Mark O'shea and his team, city hospice, cruise, sands, ambulances services, HSBC, schools head teachers, local churches, mosques, temples, Doctors, celebrants, mental health charities.

The result of this conference was a better understanding of the issues our families and the bereaved face. A strategy of how bereavement services should help families who lost someone due to suicide. Many organisations build a better network.

The Cardiff & Newport Bereavement Conference 2017

On Friday the 13th of October 2017, White Rose hosted the biggest bereavement conference Cardiff has ever seen.

Founder of White Rose Funerals & Memorials Chaplain Ahmed Alsisi whom also happens to be the Director of Acceptance' said of the event "We take pride in our service and always strive to do better for the families that we serve. In recent years the number of bereaved families that have come to us and expressed the issues they have faced when dealing with Cardiff/Newport's bereavement system has grown immensely. So much so that we knew something drastic had to be done to help these families and put an end to these on-going problems. Thus came about the establishment of 'Acceptance'; we work closely with key figures in the bereavement industry to see how best we can avoid such issues and support those families who have been affected.

The Cardiff & Newport Bereavement Conference was the product of such work, we were able to bring together all of these key figures and sit them down with the community with the aim of working hand in hand to help provide a better service for the bereaved in South Wales".

Guest of honour Chief Coroner of the UK Judge Mark Lucraft QC was among those in attendance and spoke about the coronary system in the UK and how it works; Senior coroners from Swansea & Newport also came down to give a talk about the possibilities of using alternative methods as opposed to an Invasive Post Post-mortems. The conference saw about 60 individuals from around South Wales turn up to be a part of the campaign to help improve the current bereavement system; among these were doctors, senior nurses, senior registrars, Councillors, local faith leaders , Martin Birch the operational manager from Cardiff's Bereavement Services and many more

As a result of this conference we are now able to provide our families with an alternative to an invasive postmortem by providing an MRI/CTC