Traditional Package

Traditional Package
Estimated Cost: £4219.99

Our traditional package is more elaborate than the simple package and includes more services, still available at an affordable price (with provision for changes).

Our Fees

Our Fees : £2499.99

  • Our Professional Service
  • Meeting with funeral director.
  • Collection of your loved one within Cardiff City.
  • Dressing and Preparation of loved one.
  • Veneered and gloss finished coffin (options 2 & 3).
  • Chosen venue for the service.
  • Use of our private chapel of rest for viewing or to sit with loved ones.
  • Hearse and limousine.
  • Arrangement with funeral director.
  • Funeral Director and 4 bearers.

Estimated third party fees:

Disbursements vary

  • Crematorium (average price).
  • Doctors.
  • Minister to take the service.
  • Venue changes.
  • Transport of clergy.

If it's a burial then charges will increase due to cemetery charges.